Who we are today

“Alchemy for an excellent result?
Passion, Enthusiasm, Dedication, Technique and Talent, but above all… a precious Team. “

With Passion we are dedicated to the creation of PRECIOUS JEWELS, FASHION JEWELS and ACCESSORIES.

With Enthusiasm we pursue the path of the goldsmith master Roberto Poggiali in the world of Florentine craftsmanship, by creating handmade products.

With Dedication we use quality raw materials and workmanship, also collaborating with valid artisan realities of the territory.

Our goldsmith artisan Technique is always ready to evolve by integrating new technologies.

“You can look to the future without losing the concreteness of the tradition acquired over the years; very important legacy to be handed down and preserved. “

With Talent, but above all with humility, we also offer an important service for third parties.

We are able to respond in a unique and original way to requests from other brands in the sector and to the commissions of our loyal customers.

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Our history

Roberto, founder in 1971 of the Florentine brand that bears his name “Roberto Poggiali”, in his small workshop, gives ample vent to his creativity by creating his first works in the “cradle of the Renaissance”.

In 1977, Roberto Poggiali, dedicated to satisfying the increasingly demanding female taste, decides to propose himself on the international market, participating in trade fairs and sector events, both in Italy and in Europe, in America and Japan, receiving countless gratifications that will give him the enthusiasm to continue in the world of jewelry to the present day.

In fact, Roberto Poggiali’s jewels range from the most classic lines to the most innovative, versatile and contemporary ones, and are the result of the soul of the company and of the collaboration between the style office and production workshop, coordinated by what has become the Master Goldsmith Roberto Poggiali, which still today manages with passion to transfer excellent technical skills, a lot of enthusiasm and infinite creativity to all its collaborators.

Gloria, the daughter, was also overwhelmed by this wave of enthusiasm and creativity and at some point accepted the challenge of bringing the various goldsmith artisans dedicated to the creation of exclusive jewels, also at the service of contemporary bijoux and trendy fashion accessories.

In the Roberto Poggiali factory, you can breathe the historicity of those who have lived the art of jewelry for almost 50 years, combined with the desire for novelty.

It is Gloria who, from her debut in the company, driven by the desire to innovate and a passion for bijoux and fashion accessories, creates collections exclusively Made in Florence with a contemporary design.

Roberto Poggiali brand is also aimed at a young target, in line with trends, where the quality standards and attention to detail are the same as those adopted in classic precious handcrafted jewels.

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The Materials

The extraordinary care in the choice of material and processing, is the main characteristics of the production philosophy of Roberto Poggiali, a historic artisan company that since its inception has made the “Policy of small steps” as its winning strategy, preferring not to “conquer” the market with striking proposals but “convincing” slowly without clamor, with the concrete validity of its production and above all the quality of the materials.

Gold … enhanced by precious stones, pearls and diamonds is a favorite element of our production as a symbol of purity, value and loyalty.”
In the 750 ‰ GOLD collection, in the PRECIOUS JEWELS section, we offer jewels that range from more classic design lines, such as the “Firenze” and “Rinascimento” lines, to more versatile and modern lines such as “Luce“, “Love” and “Divina“.
In “Firenze” and “Rinascimento” lines, the “ancient and Florentine style” the main characteristic are the technique in the first, and the Pearls in the second.
In “Luce” and “Love” lines, the diamonds are the main players, while in the “Divina” line, are the colored precious stones that distinguish this collection above all.

All RP creations are born from the innovative internal design studio up to their realization by hand, using the techniques, typical of the best Florentine goldsmith tradition, side by side with innovative methods usually dedicated to large-scale mass production.

“Silver … ductile, shiny, malleable is the protagonist of our praise to perfection in shapes and the chromatic vivacity of nature.”
The exuberant 925 ‰ SILVER collection, from the PRECIOUS JEWELS section, relies on the use of precious and semi-precious stones, alternative materials and above all colored enamel.
The extraordinary attention to detail makes each RP jewel absolutely unique and exclusive.
SILVER 925 ‰, for the variant in shiny yellow gold and enamel finish of the “Primavera” line for example, is treated by immersion in 24K yellow gold, in the “Animalier” and  “Strong” lines instead we have alternatively a 925 ‰ SILVER, in aged burnished finish.

Alternative Materials
“Always looking for unusual materials … Each material has its own intrinsic beauty that can be combined in the creation of precious and original modern accessories.”
 Collections created thanks to combinations of metals, such as brass and bronze, and alternative and non-conformist materials, such as leather, wood, rhodoid, marble and glass.
Unique and original bijoux and accessories, made without ever losing sight of attention to detail, with the help of modern production methods, which lend themselves well to the personalization of the project, and in the combination of this variety of materials.
Brass and sometimes even Bronze are treated with a dipping finish in 24K yellow gold, polished palladium or alternatively burnished palladium

Our Inspirations

FLORENCE is the capital of the Renaissance, it is the city where Roberto Poggiali brand works,

and in the common imagination this city is, today, synonymous with art, culture and beauty, but in the past it was the emblem of excellent craftsmanship.

It is precisely our city, the inexhaustible source of inspiration for one of our most classic collections “FIRENZE”, characterized by the Ancient style and the Florentine style, where the protagonists are precious jewels, made through classic engraving techniques, fretwork, the use of warm and cold metal tones contrasted in the same piece and jewels where the symbolisms linked to the city itself are recurring.

Another source of inspiration is the RENAISSANCE, to which is dedicated the collection “RINASCIMENTO”, in Gold, pearls and diamonds.
The iconography of the Medici family, main actors of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, inspired us in the use of pearls as the protagonists of jewels, both in the round shape as a symbol of purity, already in the distant sixteenth century and baroque shape “scaramazza”  as a symbol of uniqueness already in the early seventeenth century.

Furthermore, even today the natural beauty of gardens such as Villa Bardini or the Boboli Gardens, full of flowers and sculptures with their bright and vibrant colors, continue to inspire us for the PRIMAVERA collection.

It is thanks to the genius of the goldsmiths who work within Roberto Poggiali brand, inspired by the territory in which they operate, that we can still count on the creation of unique pieces today.

In the Roberto Poggiali workshop we do not only use Gold and Silver, but we also use wood, glass, rhodoid, marble, leather, bronze and brass.
These are all materials that distinguish our collections of Precious Jewels, Fashion Jewels and Accessories.

Through the raw materials, our craftsmen express themselves; the intrinsic richness of the material itself does not matter, but what matters is the ability to make UNIQUE and PRECIOUS even what is not unique and precious.

In everything we make with our hands, mind and heart, even using less noble materials or innovative technologies, fundamental is the Passion, Attention to detail, Quality of workmanship and Sensitivity for “beauty”.

Our Florentine craftsmanship is not conceived only as work or culture, but as an identity of a territory, destined to always create new beauty, all Made in Italy.

For Florence and Roberto Poggiali brand, craftsmanship is not just history, but it is also the present and the future.

Founded in 1971, ROBERTO POGGIALI is a Florentine brand, dedicated to the creation of Precious jewels, bijoux and fashion accessories unique and original and offers design and production services, dedicated to both commissions of other brands in the industry and of its customers.

© 2021 ROBERTO POGGIALI di Gloria Poggiali
Via di RIPOLI 64r/66r, 50126 Firenze (Italia)
P.Iva 06805460489

We inform you that this company has received in the financial year 2020/2021, aids and contributions from Public Administrations, which are published in the National Transparency Register”.

Fondata nel 1971, l'azienda ROBERTO POGGIALI è un marchio fiorentino, che si dedica alla realizzazione di Gioielli preziosi, Bijoux ed Accessori moda unici ed originali ed offre servizi di progettazione e produzione, dedicati sia alle commissioni di altri brand del settore che dei suoi clienti.

© 2021 ROBERTO POGGIALI di Gloria Poggiali
Via di RIPOLI 64r/66r, 50126 Firenze (Italia)
P.Iva 06805460489

Si informa che la presente azienda ha percepito nell’esercizio finanziario 2020/2021, aiuti e contributi da Pubbliche Amministrazioni, che risultano pubblicati nel registro Nazionale Trasparenza”
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