We have been creating Precious Jewels for more than 50 years, but …… from today also Bijoux and Accessories.

Thanks to the positive feedback from our loyal customers, we have decided to make PRECIOUS JEWELS and FASHION JEWELS from the Roberto Poggiali collection available in selected stores around the world.

In the design of our jewels we are very attentive to the quality and certification of the usual and refined raw materials, which we always use without forgetting the typical craftsmanship of Made in Florence.

All products are made largely by hand, in Italy and by Italian artisans.

Our PRECIOUS JEWELS are in 750 ‰ GOLD and 925 ‰ SILVER, while our FASHION JEWELS are in BRASS or BRONZE plated in gold or palladium.

Do you want to offer your customers Precious Jewels, Fashion Jewels and Accessories from the Roberto Poggiali collections in your shop?

To find out more, contact us at info@robertopoggiali.it or use the contact form on the side to send us your data, or simply request our pdf catalog.

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