Our Story

Already in 1961 Roberto Poggiali began to take the first steps into the world of jewelry by frequenting one of the oldest goldsmiths of two great Florentine Masters.

From the windows of this goldsmith, located in Piazza della Signoria, the growing curiosity of Roberto, who, fascinated by the art that it always been a symbol of Florence, never missed an opportunity, even in his spare time, to visit the magnificent monuments of the city such as the Duomo, the Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Vecchio and all other masterpieces that took his fancy.

In 1971, Roberto decided to pursue this path by opening a small jewelry workshop of his own where to give free play to his creativity making his first creations in the "cradle of the Renaissance".

In 1977, Roberto Poggiali launched his creations on an international scale, showing off a modern style with great focus on design, intended to meet the increasingly demanding feminine tastes.

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It is precisely with these latest creations that Roberto proposes in best trade shows and industry events in Italy, Europe, America and Japan, where he redeems countless rewards that give him the enthusiasm to continue within the jewelry world to this day. Today, "Roberto Poggiali" breathes the historicity of people who lived the art of jewelry for almost 50 years combined with the desire for novelty.

The careful choice of materials and precise workmanship are the main characteristics of the production philosophy of this company which, since its inception, have always been the "policy of small steps" his winning strategy, preferring not to conquer the market with proposals egregious or strategies adventurous but slowly convincing, without clamor, with the concrete validity of their production and the absolute seriousness in dealing with clients.

The jewels of the "Roberto Poggiali" collection which today range from the most classic lines to the most versatile and contemporary, are the result of the soul of the company and the union between our design department and production workshop, coordinated by the now Master goldsmith Roberto Poggiali, who through his passion is always able to transfer to all employees excellent technical skills, enthusiasm and creativity.

It is with these methods that the company is able to provide its customers with a product that is different, and that can only be defined as unique, especially since the creations of "Roberto Poggiali" are far from the processes used in the industrialization and standardization of this type of product.

The close link with the tradition of manufacturing, specifically typically Tuscan, makes the jewels by "Roberto Poggiali" exclusive.

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